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Rad Power Bikes - Import (Aug2023)

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Can I Customize My Bike by Adding or Removing Parts?

Rad Power Bikes Accessories

We want your bike to be as unique as you are! This means you can personalize or customize your bike as you see fit. Check out our Accessories page to find the perfect accessory for your bike.

Please note, Rad Power Bikes does not sell or swap bike components between models. For example, this means that it's not possible to have the swept back handlebar installed on a RadRhino.

Aftermarket or Third-Party Accessories

Rad Power Bikes tests the compatibility and safety of products sold on our website and in-store, but we cannot guarantee products not made or sold by us. Installing and using aftermarket or third-party parts or accessories is at your own risk.

Before replacing any of the components with aftermarket parts, we recommend you contact us so we can help give you some information on compatibility and how the changes may affect your warranty.

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