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Rad Power Bikes - Import (Aug2023)

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Inspect and Replace RadWagon 4 Tire Components

This article will list resources that explain what's involved in removing the RadWagon 4 wheels, inspecting the tire components, replacing those components if necessary, replacing the wheels, and then testing the RadWagon 4 before riding it again.

Removing the wheels and tires from a bike, replacing tire components, and reinstalling these components correctly and safely requires advanced mechanical skills and special tools. You should have this work done by a local, professional, reputable bike mechanic. If you have the skills and tools to do this yourself, you should have your work inspected by a professional bike mechanic. Failure to correctly perform these procedures can cause component failure, serious injury, and/or death.

Regardless of what type of tire you have on any ebike from Rad Power Bikes, if you suspect there is something wrong with your tires for any reason, including cracks, bulges, or bald patches, do not ride your bike. Contact a Rad Power Bikes Service Center or a local bike shop near you, and have a professional inspect your tires. If you believe your tires have a manufacturing defect, reach out to us via our support request form.

Phase 1: Remove the wheels from a RadWagon 4

Consult the following resources to remove the front and rear wheels from a RadWagon 4.

Remove and Reinstall a Front Wheel with a Quick-Release Lever

Remove and Reinstall a Rear Wheel on a Multi-Speed Ebike

If you have an appointment with a Rad Authorised Service Partner (RASP), please proceed by taking the two wheels you have just removed from your bike to your local mechanic alongside your RadWagon 4 Repair Kit. Steps in Phase 2. will be performed by the mechanic.

Phase 2: Remove, inspect, and replace tire components

Consult the following resource to remove the tires and tubes from the wheels, replace the rim strip if necessary, and then replace the tubes and tires

Remove, Inspect, and Replace Tire Components

After your service appointment, please follow steps in Phase 3. to reinstall your bike's front and rear wheels.

Phase 3: Reinstall the wheels and test the ebike before riding again

Consult the following resources to reinstall the front and rear wheels on a RadWagon 4 and then test component function before riding again.

Remove and Reinstall a Front Wheel with a Quick-Release Lever

Remove and Reinstall a Rear Wheel on a Multi-Speed Ebike

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