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Rad Power Bikes - Import (Aug2023)

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Attach a Pannier Bag to Your Bike

The Fremont Pannier Bag can be attached to any model equipped with a rear rack.

The steps below use a 2019 RadCity as an example, but the steps will be very similar for other models.

The RadMini and RadRhino both require the additional purchase and installation of a rear rack in order to attach a pannier bag to these models. You can purchase the RadMini Rear Rack and the RadRhino Rear Rack directly from Rad Power Bikes.

Attach a Pannier to a RadCity

  1. Locate the rear rack. Ensure the bike has a rear rack installed before attempting to attach a pannier bag.
    RadCity Rear Rack2.png
  2. Place the bag hooks into position. Place the bag hooks onto the rear rack and carefully push down on the hooks until they clip into place.
    Fremont bag clips.gif
  3. Secure the center clip. Rotate the clip on the back of the bag until it secures the bag to the rear rack. The center clip may not make full contact with the rear rack, depending on your model. As long as the top clips are properly secured to the top of the rear rack, and the remaining steps in this guide are followed, the bag should be secure.
    Fremont center clip.gif
  4. Prepare the top strap (if present). Pass the strap up through the bottom of the rear rack, through the bag handle, and over the top of the bag. The strap should pass over a rung on the rear rack.
  5. Fold the pannier bag and secure the buckles. Roll the top of the bag downward, then fold the top corners together and secure the buckle. Pass the top strap (if present) over the bag to the strap at the front and buckle together. Once the bag is secured, it should not move easily or fall off the bike.

Rad Power Bikes does not recommend the use of aftermarket or third-party accessories, and installation and use of non-approved accessories is at your own risk. Accessories not sold on the Rad Power Bikes website or purchased in-store have not been tested by Rad Power Bikes for safety and compatibility. Always check that your accessories are properly secured before riding.

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