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Rad Power Bikes - Import (Aug2023)

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Bike Maintenance Guide

As with any bike, ebikes require regular maintenance to stay safe and fun to ride.

Click on a heading below to learn more about ebike maintenance, and check out the Owner's Manual HERE for recommended maintenance for your model.

Routine Maintenance

Recommended Maintenance

Below is a list of regular maintenance activities you can expect to perform while owning a bike:

  • Inspect the bike.
    • When: Before each ride
    • How: Periodically and before each ride, check the bike components for signs of improper alignment, security and function. See the Pre-Ride Safety Checklist section HERE for more information.
  • Clean the bike.
    • When: As needed 
    • How: The bike should only be cleaned with a moist rag and non-corrosive biodegradable cleaners. Do not use a pressure washers or hose to clean the bike. This can cause water damage to electrical components and will likely void the warranty. See the Bike Cleaning section below for more details.
  • Perform maintenance checks.
    • When: Once a year
    • How: Consult a local, certified, and reputable bike mechanic 
  • Replace brake pads.
    • When: As needed
    • How: Take note of any changes in braking while using the bike. Ebikes travel at higher speeds and have more momentum because of the weight of the powered components, so brake pads normally wear down faster than a traditional non-powered bike. Check brake pads regularly and replace whenever worn. To see more information about brake pad replacement, click HERE.
  • Inspect the paint.
    • When: As needed
    • How: Visually inspect the paint on the frame. If the paint has become scratched or chipped in the metal, use touch-up paint to prevent rust. Clear nail polish can also be used as a preventative measure.

Bike Maintenance Schedule Chart

Check out the Bike Maintenance Schedule Chart below to see the maintenance activities we recommend you perform on your bike.

Bike Maintenance Schedule Chart.png

Take note of any component wear such as cracks, scratches, or changes in color or operation. These changes may indicate that a part needs to be serviced or replaced. If the useful life of a component is surpassed it can cause unexpected loss of function, which can result in damage, serious injury, or even death.

Bike & Chain Cleaning

Clean your bike regularly to keep it in safe and working order and extend the life of the bike and its components. Rain, grime, rock salt, and dirt can damage the chain over time, and cleaning your bike and chain regularly will help keep your bike safe and fun to ride.

Check out our Three Quick Tips To Prevent Ebike Corrosion post on The Scenic Route for more tips on cleaning your bike.

Riding on the beach or in coastal areas exposes your bike to salt, which is very corrosive and can damage electrical and mechanical components. Follow the recommended cleaning and maintenance practices to help increase the longevity of your bike when ridden through salty or dirty environments. Damage from corrosion is not covered under warranty so special care should be given to extend the life of your bike when used in coastal areas or areas with salty air or water.

Bike Adjustment

Over time, your bike may require adjustments to keep it safe and fun to ride. Take a look at our adjustment guides below to learn how to keep your bike in great shape so you can keep riding Rad!

Brake Adjustment

Derailleur Adjustment

Suspension Fork Adjustment

If you are not confident in your ability to successfully and safely perform maintenance or repair tasks, we recommend having the work performed by a local, certified, and reputable bike mechanic.

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