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Rad Power Bikes - Import (Aug2023)

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Pedal Assist System (PAS) Information

All ebikes by Rad Power Bikes are equipped with a pedal assist system (PAS). The RadRunner, RadRunner Plus, and RadMission have an integrated PAS sensor mounted behind the left crank. On all other models, the PAS consists of a magnet ring and a PAS sensor that is mounted behind the right crank.

This article will explain how the PAS works and what it feels like to use this feature while riding.

What is pedal assist and how does it work?

Pedal assist is a bike feature that puts the power of the motor right in your pedal stroke.

Pedal assist can be activated by selecting a PAS level using the PAS selector buttons. The PAS selector buttons allow a rider to dial up a specific level of assistance from the motor between 1-5 on an LCD display and 1-4 on an LED display. There is also an option to select no pedal assistance (PAS level 0) and ride without assistance from the motor by pedalling.

While pedalling, the magnet ring and PAS sensor (shown below) work together with every pedal stroke to send a signal to the controller to draw up power from the motor, which helps make it easier to pedal the bike. The higher the PAS level, the more power is delivered with each pedal stroke, and the easier it is to ride.

PAS sensor position.png

What does pedal assist feel like?

When a PAS level is selected, you will feel a boost of power from the motor in the rear wheel when you start pedalling. It will be easier to get the bike moving and it will take less effort to keep riding. As you increase the PAS level, you will find it is even easier to ride.

At PAS level 0, the PAS is not active and your pedal stroke will require a normal amount of effort. If you want or need a boost of power from the motor, simply twist the Twist Power Assist or bump up the PAS level.

At PAS level 1 to 3, you will feel like it is easier to pedal the bike forward, but you will still need to put some effort into every pedal stroke.

At PAS level 4 to 5, you will be using the full power of the PAS and it will require much less effort to pedal forward. Riding in the top level of PAS basically feels like having bionic legs!

If one or both brake levers are squeezed while riding, the brake will signal the motor to cut off power and the bike will slow down. Once the brake lever is released, the PAS will still be available and will provide pedal assistance if the rider resumes pedalling. If the bike is turned off, the PAS will reset to PAS level 1 on the display.

Note: The PAS is only active while the rider is pedalling. To move the bike forward without pedalling, the rider should use the twist power assist. The twist power assist is available* to provide a boost of power assistance from the motor (up to 6km/h without pedalling) no matter what level of PAS is selected.

*The RadCity 5 Plus and RadCity 5 Plus Step-Thru do not have feature Twist Power Assist.

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