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Rad Power Bikes - Import (Aug2023)

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Recommended Tools for Maintenance and Repair

It's a good idea to have a few tools on hand to help with bike maintenance, or in the unlikely event your bike needs a repair. We've put together a list of recommended tools and products to help you perform maintenance and repair tasks so you can keep riding Rad!

Watch the video below to see which tools Joe recommends taking on a ride, and check out the rest of the article to see which tools we recommend having on hand for any adventure that comes your way.

Assembly Toolkit

The toolkit* you received with your ebike is equipped with many of the tools you will need to perform maintenance or repairs. Check out the tables below to see other tools we recommend for general maintenance and repairs.

Tool kit.png

*The toolkit received with your bike may look slightly different than the photo above.

Recommended Tools

Tool Typical Purpose
Allen wrenches (ranging from 2-8 mm) Tighten hardware
Wire cutters Trim mechanical cables
Flat side cutters Trim zip ties
Needle nose pliers Install cable crimp; replacing fuses
Tire levers Replace an inner tube
Torque wrench Tighten hardware to recommended specs
Allen bits for torque wrench (2-8 mm) Tighten hardware
Pedal wrench crowfoot for a torque wrench, or a 15 mm pedal wrench Tighten pedals to recommended specs
Adjustable wrench Use in place of several wrenches
Square taper crank puller Remove crank arms
A bottom bracket removal tool for Shimano/ISIS Drive splined 20 tooth cups, such as BBT-22 Park Tool Remove bottom bracket
Spoke tension meter Measure spoke tension
Spoke wrench Tighten spokes

Lubricants & Other Products

Tool Typical Purpose
A light penetrating oil, such as Tri-Flow Lubrication between metal components
Chain lubricant Keeps chain running smoothly
Degreaser Bike cleaning
Grease Lubricates pedals, seat tube, etc.
Medium threadlocker, such as Loctite Blue 242 Prevents select bolts from vibrating loose
Biodegradable bike cleaner, such as Muc-Off Bike cleaning
Rubbing alcohol Quick-drying temporary lubrication; cleaning
Blocks Protects the display when bike is flipped over
Nitrile gloves Protect hands from grease
Paper towels/shop towels Bike cleaning

Always follow manufacturer instructions, recommendations, and warnings when using any tool or product to maintain your bike. If you are not confident in your ability to safely use any of the products listed above to successfully perform a given maintenance activity, we recommend having the work performed or checked by a local, certified, and reputable bike mechanic.

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