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Rad Power Bikes - Import (Aug2023)

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Motor Information, Details, and Top Speed

Our ebikes are designed to give a rider the power they need to ride in many environments and at varying speeds.

Motor Type

All models sold in Europe are equipped with a 250W brushless geared hub motor. This type of motor provides about double the low-end torque compared to a direct drive motor, and is useful for starting up quickly and riding up hills. The motor is powerful and can handle both riding off-road and city riding.

Geared hub motor.jpg

Power Output and Top Speed

Riders can use the motor power in two ways: by pedalling with pedal assist level 1-5 selected (0-4 on models with an LED display) or by using the Twist Power Assist.

In accordance with European ebike laws, all of our models sold in Europe have a top speed of 25 km/h when power assistance is used (PAS). A rider can exceed 25 km/h while pedalling, but the bike will not receive any motor assistance once the bike exceeds 25 km/h.

Riding Without Motor Power

A great feature of our ebikes is that they can be pedalled like a traditional bike. When the bike is turned off or the pedal assist level is set to "0", the rider can ride the bike and shift gears when desired. Pedalling an ebike without using motor assistance may require a bit more effort to start than a traditional bike because an ebike weighs slightly more, but you can call up power from the motor at any time!

Click HERE to learn how to use the motor on a Rad Power Bikes ebike.

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