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Rad Power Bikes - Import (Aug2023)

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Motor Operation Guide

All Rad Power Bikes ebikes sold in Europe are equipped with a pedal assist system, and a twist grip (twist power assist). 

Click on a heading below to learn more about the motor controls and operation on your bike.

Pedal Assist (PAS)

How Pedal Assist Works

Pedal assist (PAS) can be engaged while pedaling and will call up assistance from the motor to help make pedaling easier.

Pedal assist uses a cadence sensor built into the drivetrain of the bike. The sensor detects when the rider is revolving the pedals and signals the electric motor to provide the level of pedal assistance (PAS 0-5 on most models and 0-4 on the RadRunner and RadMission) that has been selected.

Pedal Assist Controls

Remote.jpg giphy (2).gif

Ride with Pedal Assist 

You will use the arrows on the LCD display remote on the left side of the handlebar to select a level of pedal assistance (between level 0 through 5 on most models and 0 through 4 on the RadRunner). Level 1 is the lowest level of pedal assistance, and level 5 is the highest level of pedal assistance. Level 0 indicates pedal assistance is inactive. Start in PAS level 0 or 1 and adjust from there.

  1. Practice without obstacles. Ensure you are firmly mounted on the bike and ready to ride with power assist before starting to pedal. Hold onto the handlebar with both hands and be prepared to squeeze the brake levers if necessary.
  2. Start in pedal assist level 1. “PAS 1” is the default PAS level, and you can increase the pedal assist level from there as conditions allow.
  3. Begin pedaling. Once you begin pedaling, the cadence sensor will activate the motor after 1-2 seconds.
  4. Ride Rad! When you stop pedaling and do not squeeze the brake levers, there is a 1-2 second delay before pedal assist shuts off. This is to reduce the pedal assist power surging on and off whenever you stop pedaling momentarily (to adjust your foot on the pedals or your seating position, for example).
  5. Turn off pedal assist. Stop pedaling (pedal assist power will remain active for a few seconds after you stop pedaling) or squeeze the brake levers to cut the power assistance off immediately.

If the twist power assist, brake levers, pedal assistance, or lighting is not functioning normally, intermittent, or not working, please discontinue using your ebike immediately and contact Rad Power Bikes Product Support for assistance. 

Twist Power Assist

How the twist grip works 

The twist grip (twist power assist) is located on the right side of the handlebar and can be used, with a twist of the grip, to propel the bike forward without pedaling up to 6km/h.

The twist power assist is engaged by slowly and carefully rotating it toward the rider at different increments. The more you twist, the more powerful the twist power assist. Once the twist power assist is released or the brakes are applied, the power assistance from the motor is cut off and the twist power assist can no longer propel the bike forward. Always keep one hand on the brake lever and be prepared to squeeze the lever to disengage the twist power assist if needed, or turn off the bike to prevent accidentally engaging the twist grip.

Twist Power Assist

giphy (1).gif

Prevent Accidental PAS or Twist Power Assist Use

There are several ways to ensure power assistance is activated only when a rider wants or needs it.

Turn the Pedal Assistance Level to 0

Pressing the down arrow (or minus button) on the display remote until the display reads pedal assistance zero ("PAS 0") ensures the pedal sensor will not trigger power assistance when the pedals revolve.

Prevent Twist Power Assist Activation

Models released in 2020:
 The twist power assist is available to use whenever the bike is on and can be activated by twisting the twist grip toward the rider. Turn off the bike, or take care to not accidentally twist the twist grip when not needed.

Models released in 2019 or earlier: The twist power assist is available when the bike is on and the twist power assist power button to the left of the twist power assist has been pressed in. If the twist power assist button is pressed again (so it pops out a bit), the twist power assist will deactivate and cannot be engaged—intentionally or accidentally—by twisting the twist grip. 

Apply the Brakes

Pulling one or both brake levers while operating the twist power assist or pedal assist will activate a motor cutoff switch that will cut off all electrical power assistance to the bike automatically.

Turn off the bike

Riders can power OFF the ebike's electrical system by pressing and holding the MODE button on the display remote for about three seconds until the LCD display turns off. This will allow the rider to use the bike as a pedal-only bike and will prevent accidental use of the pedal assist or twist power assist.

If the twist power assist, brake levers, pedal assistance, or lighting is not functioning normally, intermittent, or not working, please discontinue using your ebike immediately and contact Rad Power Bikes Product Support for assistance. 

Walk Mode

How Walk Mode Works

All ebikes by Rad Power Bikes have a walk mode.  

Walk mode is a feature that allows the motor to move the bike at a relatively slow, constant speed so that a person can walk next to the bike with their hands on the handlebar, without having to push the full weight of the bike. This can be very helpful when walking the bike up a steep hill (over 15% grade).

For more information on riding on hilly terrain, please see the Help Center article linked HERE.

Activate Walk Mode

  1. Stand next to the bike. Begin dismounted from the bike and take hold of the right handlebar grip and brake lever.
  2. Press and hold the down arrow on the remote. On the LCD Display Remote on the left side of the handlebar, press and hold the down arrow (below, left) or the button on the LED display (below, right) for the entire time you want to use walk mode. Walk mode may take a moment to start providing motor assistance.
    Remote-1.jpg LED Display Markup.jpg
  3. Release the button on the remote to turn off walk mode. Let go of the down arrow, or walk mode button on the LED display, and motor assistance will stop immediately.

Walk mode should only be used while dismounted from the bike and with both hands on the handlebar. Always keep at least one hand on a brake lever to allow quick cutoff of the motor assistance if necessary and to maintain control of the bike.

For more information on walk mode, check out our LCD Display Features and Operations article. 

A rider should be familiar with the bike's power control system before operating. Take extra care when applying the twist power assist or pedal assist for the first time. Ensure proper usage and practice the operation of the power system on your bike to prevent damage, serious injury, and/or death.  

Click HERE to learn more about the motors Rad Power Bikes uses. 

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